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Daimler SP250 Racing    




My name is John Abel, I'm the owner of 100033 (email) The Daimler SP250 is a very fast sports car from 60's which was built by Daimler in Coventry from 1959 to 1964. The SP250 was originally known as the Daimler Dart, however Daimler were soon forced to drop the Dart name when threatened with legal action by Chrysler’s Dodge division, and the car was then renamed the Daimler SP250.  


It was launched at the 1959 New York Motor Show, and its greatest success was in the North American market. It had a fibreglass body, four-wheel Girling disc brakes, and a 2.5-litre Hemi-head V8 engine designed by Edward Turner. The car was described as a 2+2, but the bench-like rear seat offered very limited leg room unless the front seats were pushed fully forward.  


There are three spec's of Daimler SP250's (A, B and C), it is true the car's styling is something you love or hate. All I know is put it in race trim and get the V8 to come into life and in the early 60's it had a lot of success in racing. Some great results are as follows: 


  • SCCA EP Class (1960) and CP Class (1963) National Champion winner
  • SCCA National and Divisional Champion
  • Sebring 1960 – 34th Overall
  • Goodwood 1960


Between 1960-67, over 130 known races had Daimler SP250’s entered. We know of 20 class wins. But this was US and National level, many more successes outside US like in UK, New Zealand and Australia.  


This site would have not come together without help and support from the following people:

Dave Nicolas (http://www.barcboys.com/) - this site is great for racing pictures and information.

Tom Bigelow (http://www.flickr.com/photos/aviatorr727/) - has so many pictures that he has taken over the years

Stan Simm - who reached out recently and provide some great photo's and information

Nick England - Nick is the person who knows VIR in the US more than anyone else I know, he has a great site (http://www.virhistory.com/)

Joe Dockman - Joe has supported since I aquired 100033 and he races an SP250 and has a great article in British Race Cars  (http://www.britishracecar.com/JosephDockman-Daimler-SP250.htm)

Ryan Smith - Ryan is another one who races SP250, he gave me some great contacts and information. He is more known as Racer 187 (http://www.psychoontyres.co.uk/the-rowdy-racer-187-1960-daimler-sp250/)

Rick Mandelson - Rick is a well known racer and was good friends with Duncan. He helped Duncan in the mechanics side   (http://www.rickmandelson.com/)

Terry O'Neil - Terry contacted me at the NEC motor show, he not only has some great books http://www.amazon.co.uk/Runways-Racers-Military-Airfields-1952-1954/dp/1845842553  and http://www.amazon.co.uk/Northeast-American-Sports-Races-1950-1959/dp/1845842545 . He is now working on a new book and will feature some SP250, really looking forward to this one. 

Laurence Jones - One of the most knowledgeable SP250 people alive, he has supported me in getting many great pieces of information. Also look at the http://www.dlcentre.com/ website which has lots of great information on the forum.

Piers Townsend - Piers is a very active historic racer, also has a great SP250 race car, which he did run at Goodwood Revival and many other international motor events. Piers has provided me advise in setting up 100033 and he has great knowledge of what works and what does not in an SP250

Russ Carpenter - Russ is not only one of the best Dragster guys but he can get more power out of the Daimler engine than anyone else on the planet. He restored my engine and found out all the little pieces of information that Duncan had done to the engine.   http://www.daimlerv8.co.uk/. Look at http://www.russcarpenterracing.co.uk/carinfo.html for more information on his racing history.

Martin Krejci  -  The man behind one of the best websites for historic racing information http://www.racingsportscars.com/. He has the best archive on results, runners and cars in historic racing.  

So thank you to everyone who has helped me and supported bring this website together. I will focus mostly on 100033 as this car is owned by me. But I plan to extend to all racing SP250 cars overtime.

 Daimler SP250