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Daimler SP250 Racing    



 Duncan Black's SP250 Restored #100033

Specification of a standard SP250 (Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daimler_SP250)

Manufacturer Daimler Motor Company
Also called Daimler Dart
Production 1959–1964
Class Sports car
Body style 2-seat open car
Layout FR layout
Engine 2.5 litre iron-block V-8 140 HP
Transmission 4-speed manual
3-speed automatic
Wheelbase 92 in (2,337 mm)
Length 165 in (4,191 mm)
Width 60 in (1,524 mm)
Height 50.25 in (1,276 mm)
Kerb weight

2,070 lb (940 kg)

Duncan's car had the following modification

1. Anti-Tramp Arms on rear axle

2. MGA Rear Axle, with Limited Slip Diff

3. Engine has ported head, road/race cam specification.

Max Power 123.9 (At the flywheel) @ 5593 RPM / 102.9 MPH (Note low MPH as the car is set-up for sprints)

Max Torque 140.8 @ 3323 RPM / 61.1 MPH

4. Aero Screen

5. Roll Bar, with side impact bars

6. Race Tank, dual petrol pump

7. No Interior, racing seat

The following pictures can show the detail that has been added, I have include some specification of the car from the rolling road. The first shot shows the bonnet tie used and also the Anti-Roll Bar used from a TR6. This is the same as Duncan would have used, we went for 3/4" size. Also the tow hook in place

Front View

Next is an overhead shot of the car showing the No 4, also I converted to different mirrors. Note racing seat has been placed, but again the original is with the car.


The next shot, shows my BARC badge. The car has been set-up for sprinting and hill climbs

Top View

Another shot showing the car, also I placed on the side the two championship win.

Front View

I have added a SCCA Washington DC sticker from 1960's, also note the fitted system to protect from fire.

Top View

Rear of the car, showing the external charge for battery. Duncan had this fitted we just cleaned it up. Also the view of the car tow hook can be seen.

Rear of Car

I have added some interior shots of the car showing the side impact bar. Also note the window was filled in and has been changed and filled.


The next shot shows the aero screen and the harness fitted with the racing seat.

Front View of Interior

Last interior shot, the dials and dash can be seen


Now the V8 engine shots, as can be seen I run open air filters to get better flow. Everything is standard


The last one is a front view of the engine, showing the catch tank and the cut off


Before the car was completed it went to 50th year of the SP250 at Gaydon. Notice this has the two old seats. No race seat, if it every went into historic races I would convert back. But for sprinting it is more relaxing driving with proper head restraints. This is how the car would have looked in 1963.  


The last shot is at Goodwood, just outside the house. The car got invited to attend the annual GRRC day. The car was well received, also only around 20-30 cars got selected. So very proud.


 Daimler SP250