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History of Car 100033

When I purchased the Daimler, finding out the history started as a big challenge, but finding lots of people who helped me (Neal Barron who sold me the car, Joe and Ryan who really supported me). I have copied part of the heritage certificate from Daimler.

Historic Record - Daimler

The following section covers the car known as the “Black’s SP250”. As with anything from 50 years ago proving the link back to owners is nearly impossible, but quite a few clues exist that prove 100033 is the “Black’s SP250”. We first need to start with the history of Duncan’s SP. 100033 is the 23rd oldest SP250 (excluding the prototypes) as recorded in the historical records of the Jaguar/Daimler Heritage Trust and originally had engine number 89041. It was shipped to the US on the 30th of October 1959 and was destined for Daimler-Triumph, Baltimore USA. Duncan and David Frazer – a friend – bought two SP250s [David paid $3,269.88 for his car and had chassis number of 100032 which he still has to this day] from Foreign Motors in Baltimore - they had a close association with the east coast importer located in Timonium, Md.

It was one of the pair brought here for dealer development, magazine tests (Road & Track, Sports Cars Illustrated, etc). Duncan purchased the other demonstrator [sister car] 100033. We know that it was 100033 as 100031, the other, was shipped to a different dealer in the US –Earle C Anthony. It was told by both Foreign Motors and the importer that this pair was amongst the first production cars imported - specifically to be used as demonstrators - mileage was about 10,000 on David Frazer’s when purchased, that saved him about $800.

Duncan Black did an interview in Jan 20, 1961 for “The Baltimore Sun” two pieces of information makes it clear 100033 is Duncan Black’s only SP250 racecar. The first point is the car was rebuilt between 1960 and 1961 explaining why it went back to wire wheels. Also Duncan states his engine was no. 23 off the production line. There was 10 preproduction cars, meaning chassis 100033 was the 23 car off the production line. I wish to thank Terry O’Neill for the information.

Sun Article - 1960

Previous Owners

The previous owners of 100033 are as follows, in date order.

• Duncan Black, owner from 1960 until 1968/69 when he passed it onto his race engineer – Bill Smallwood and who later sold.

• Bill Klym who bought it from either Bill Smallwood or Duncan Black, Bill Kylm passed the car onto his son Tony who restored it by recovering the dash in black leather and painting the car red.

The following is a picture of the car before the next owner

Tony Klym - When 100033 was red

• Tony sold the car in 2005 to a dealer in the UK called Neal Barron. Neal was going to keep the car, but decided to sell the car in 2007.

• I bought the car from Neal in 2007 and have been restoring it ever since. But finally finished in 2010.

 Daimler SP250